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Why Choose Beacon?

Beacon Pharmacy focuses exclusively on the care and treatment of people who have hemophiliavon Willebrand Disease, or other bleeding disorders. 

Through a unique relationship with Hemophilia of Georgia, highly experienced outreach nurses and social workers assist and educate Beacon Pharmacy patients through in-home visits, special events, and scheduled clinic appointments.

Beacon works directly with the physicians and nurses at the state’s Hemophilia Treatment Centers to coordinate and manage each Beacon patient's individual treatment plan.

  • Case management, outreach nursing, and social work services are provided through Hemophilia of Georgia and include face-to-face education sessions and personal interaction. 
  • Beacon Pharmacy supports the bleeding disorder community in Georgia.
  • Patients benefit from a high level of coordinated care between pharmacists, outreach nurses, and Hemophilia Treatment Center staff.
  • Medications and infusion supplies are shipped directly to clients' homes or offices.  
  • Prices for clotting factor and other medications are competitive.
  • Infusion supplies and delivery are always included.
  • Insurance claims and paperwork are filed promptly and correctly.
  • Easy-to-use reminder program and online ordering keep clients from running out of factor.
URACSeal-2023-web-72-115px The Hemophilia of Georgia and Beacon pharmacies are URAC accredited, which is the gold standard for specialty pharmacy accreditation. Specialty pharmacies play an increasingly important role as a member of the patient management team. They help guide care plans to improve patient outcomes and financial outcomes. This accreditation ensures you are getting the most comprehensive care from our clinical staff as possible.
ACHC Accreditation-2021-75pxACHC Accreditation-2021-75px The Beacon pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. 

We do our best to make you happy. If you have any problems with our pharmacy, please contact us directly at 770-518-8272 or email However, you also have the ability to report a complaint directly to one of our accrediting agencies. You may file a grievance about the pharmacy with URAC online. To report a complaint to ACHC, call 919-785-1214.


To speak to a pharmacist after hours, call 770-518-8272 or 877-221-6883.